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Gender bias in entrepreneurship and funding remains a persistent issue, significantly impacting women entrepreneurs. Despite their potential and innovative ideas, women often encounter structural and systemic barriers that limit their access to capital. This guide delves into the complexities of these challenges, examining how gender biases affect funding opportunities, particularly in the early stages of business creation and development, and within small to mid-sized enterprises where women predominantly own and operate businesses. Additionally, it offers practical solutions to help women navigate these obstacles and secure the necessary funds for their ventures.

Women entrepreneurs face a myriad of challenges in securing funding, stemming from entrenched gender norms and biases in the financial ecosystem. These biases manifest in various forms, from the types of questions investors ask to the algorithms used in fintech applications. For instance, women are often asked more risk-averse questions compared to their male counterparts, which can lead to less favorable funding outcomes. Moreover, algorithms used by Fintech Platforms— which otherwise provide promising alternatives to traditional funding sources—can unintentionally perpetuate gender biases, further disadvantaging women-led ventures.

This guide is your essential map for overcoming gender bias in funding. It reveals hidden obstacles, such as biased investor questions and fintech algorithms, and provides practical tools like negotiation skills, effective communication, and self-advocacy. Through key modules on understanding bias, building self-concept, mastering communication, and articulating growth potential, you'll be equipped to secure funding and advocate for systemic change, paving the way for future women entrepreneurs.

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The Inclusive Funding Formula includes the Guidebook, its Workbook and companion Audiobook, and one hour of online one-to-one coaching with me to debrief. 


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Secure funding and transform the landscape for future women entrepreneurs. This guide empowers you to navigate biases and barriers, paving the way for a more equitable funding environment.

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