Various packages and programs are available for individuals and groups.
Our programs are tailored to the specific curriculum needs of our clients.
All our Members enjoy complimentary access to our Community Library where we curate educational material relevant to the field of entrepreneurship and funding. 

Entrepreneurial Quotient Program

Our private session services start with the one hour online "Power Conversations" package which we find is an easy way to begin a relationship with new clients or clients looking for occasional individual support from everywhere in the world.You Can Start Moving your Project Forward Now ! 
The next step for any individual client is usually our "Find Your Power Pathway Blueprint " which runs over 3 sessions and 3 weeks for 2H and 15 minutes. 
Clients who want to take a step further in general opt for our "Power Half - Day" package which  constitutes our official intake-process for clients who ellect to engage with us in 6 to 12 months Membership Programmes. 
  • A Power Conversations (1H/online) Package will be awarded every month to an outstanding applicant as part of our Radical Inclusion Initiative Program. To apply, simply follow the process to book a Power Conversations session, you will be able to opt for the Radical Inclusion Program Award Session in the Booking and Enrollment section.
  • The Entrepreneur Inner-Journey package (for the entrepreneur within) is a "soft-skill" focused variant of the 1H/online "Power Conversations" package 
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360° Funding Path - Pitch & Get Funded

Are you an Entrepreneur currently in the process of starting or growing your business and therefore considering pitching your business to investors? Are you wondering which Growth Strategy to implement and potentially which funding options may be suitable for your business at this point ? 
Are you a first time or recent Asset Manager looking to raise capital and trying to evaluate what your best options may be ?

On-line Community Library 

Our on line Community Library includes over 500 videos, tutorials, podcasts, educational material, resources and articles.
We curate the relevant material so as to provide a learning experience for all our Members.
The content available includes conceptual material as well as practical guides and covers the many fields of knowledge entrepreneurs and leaders need to grasp in order to be effective and stay relevant.

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