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360° Funding Path PROGRAM

  • Are you an Entrepreneur currently in the process of starting or growing your business, and therefore considering pitching your business to investors? Are you wondering which Growth Strategy to implement, and potentially which funding options may be suitable for your business at this point?

  • Are you a recent Alternative (Fund) Asset Manager looking to raise capital for your Fund and wondering what your best options maybe? Are you wondering how to start and grow your AUM and set up a prosperous asset management firm? Find out more about how we may be able to assist you below. 

Positioning Offer & Market Fit  

Fund Raising Expertise & Tactics

Coaching & Training

Branding, MarCom & Sales Strategy

Relationship Funnel Building & PR

Strategic Planning & Road Map

Finding your Path 

For recent Entrepreneurs and (Alternative) Asset Managers looking to raise capital, the task can seem daunting. We have assisted numbers of clients who were starting up or relatively new to the Pitching and Funding Pathways, as well as more established groups and teams.

Our experience shows that less mature teams require more thorough support and preliminary foundational work to get up to speed. Hence, we have developed a dedicated on-line program that can be customized on a case by case basis to meet teams where they are and support them with coaching and training, so they get where they need to be.

This program incorporates certain features from our Entrepreneurial Quotient curriculum, simply because new / more recent teams and organizations can obviously not rely on their historical track records. Investors who allocate to their segment / space usually look at the individuals' professional background, achievements and reputation (i.e. : personal brand established through professional track-record) to form an opinion about their capacity to deliver on their business case and investment thesis.

The purpose of the "360° Funding Path Essentials" program is to demystify the funding topic and help you design, at your own pace, the strategy and process that best serve you.

We believe Thorough research and testing, Accurate positioning, Tactical planning, Disciplined sustained execution and an Early start (ideally when you are not fundraising) are essential to produce Fundraising campaigns that will generate market traction, build momentum and attract the right investors.

Discounting the fact that getting investors to commit capital is based, not only on the merits of your economic model, but also on your capacity to establish relationships, trust and appreciation with such potential investors is a major common fatal mistake.

You can start creating the conditions for success for yourself right now by booking an introductory "360° Funding Path Essentials" package and scheduling an initial one-hour appointment with us.

The program is available in English and French.

Should you decide to continue working with us towards your goals after this introductory session, we would design together a curriculum adapted to your specific needs.

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