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9 Months Into 2022, Really ?

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Newsletter - # 21

How to Get Results that Speak for Themselves

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Purpose Is Service

When all is said and done, here is why I’m energized serving my clients, catalyzing emergence, supporting their growth paths, amplifying their imprint as they scale their impact and shape the world 🚀

Let me share with you 3 recent testimonials from clients who recommended my work to other (now) clients that embody my big WHY :

🥐 The best thing that came out of France since they invented croissant 🤣🤣 Impact fund manager Holding company CEO

🙏Merci beaucoup pour ton soutien et ta bienveillance ! Ce sont des gens comme toi qui permettent aux entrepreneurs d'avancer... Tech startup Founder

🎯Again, thank you for the conversation as it has confirmed the mindset change I knew was needed but could not quite grasp myself! Great resources you have shared. I’ve come across other financing solutions but not suitable, this you pointed me to now, that’s exactly what I need! I still can’t tempt you in becoming a board member ? ♟ Tech scale up Founder

With Gratitude,



Date Your Business Ideas

🤣Friday Humour4good for my Startups & Emerging Managers

Tough Love From The Coach 💜

When clients launch start-ups/funds to do what they are interested in or passionate about and not what their market (what they believe their market and natural customers or investors are) needs or wants and without prior testing in real life first (pre-marketing) … only to find out that it ain’t gonna work out … 😢😔 💔

📍Conclusion: test early your ideas (💝Date your ideas💡) and prototype, get ready to pivot, shift, test, pivot, shift … rinse and repeat at the lowest cost possible until you find what works! Product / market fit / adoption /Investment (funding) - readiness happens only when enough of the right customers buy (investors commit, philanthropists donate... ) and that does not automatically mean your team is capable of running a successful business (organization...) nor will prevent any internal or external adverse impact to threaten your very survival … Welcome to the entrepreneurial journey ⛵️🎢 With Gratitude,


July 2022

Growth Scanner - Unlock Data Secrets

Right now, your startup is generating loads of valuable data. But you don’t have time or tools to unlock the insights hidden in those numbers.TheVentureCity thinks analytics are essential to help startup founders make better decisions during their crucial developmental phase, this is why they developed Growth Scanner, a FREE tool to help founders know for real how well they’re growing.

Tech Loans & Growth Forecasting by ARK

The data-driven precision finance company enables startups to grow faster and smarter through non-dilutive loans. The firm offers a new model for tech companies to grow their business, offering non-dilutive loans and access to world-class growth analytics. Founders simply plug into ArK’s machine learning platform with all their growth-related accounts and in return get access to a detailed 5-year forecast - from which they can access customized funding. ArK’s financial product suite currently consists of a transformative, large growth loan that spans between €1-€10m, lasting up to seven years, with repayments not starting for two-to-three years. The second loan product in the portfolio allows founders to get instant access to the money they’ve earned through various marketplaces or app stores, allowing reinvestment into growth peaks. Both products are fully non-dilutive.

Emerging Alternative AM/Fund Managers

We have developed and fine-tuned a number of tools adapted to emerging/ recent fund managers, under our Asset Managers dedicated Hub, as described below. Click the image to access the Hub.

📖 The Growth Pathways for Emerging Fund Managers Handbook is a companion Handbook designed on the back of the "90-Day Sprint - Mastering Fundraising Essentials" (2021 group program) so that interested managers may get some insights about the program and benefit from the key learnings, tools, best practices, and practical tips. Check out the video trailer and Get your copy of the E-book.

🎯 A Free Self-Assessment Tool (Scorecard) & Step-by-Step Workbook are also provided

A Trajectory to Emplathic Leadership

Alisa Cohn hosts a great conversation with Maelle Gavet, CEO of Techstars who walks her through her entrepreneurial journey and drops a massive pearl of wisdom in her definition of empathy ... Listen up!

Trampled by Unicorns: Big Tech’s Empathy Problem and How to Fix It

Take the Free Corporate Empathy Test

What do you understand by Presence?

How we show up in the world and become present is the fundamental key and the first step to success.

In this video, Roger Hamilton, CEO of The Genius Group shares the 3 key fundamentals of presence that are linked to self-awareness, self-mastery, and self-expression!

Watch this 5 minutes video to learn more.

Business4People is a global partner of Genius Group

Pay It Forward

As part of our "Pay It Forward" policy, we ask all our members, partners, family, and friends to support our philanthropic program, by donating to the charities we support when they have found value in our complimentary content and overall support.


EN -The Insaan Group is an impact investing entity (charity) that allocates philanthropic capital to tackle poverty. Supported by donations from forward-looking philanthropists, foundations, pro bono engagement from high-level experts, Insaan aims, in alignment with the United Nations SDGs, to improve the living conditions of the 3 billion people living under $3.50/day by creating jobs, supporting the development of products, services relevant to under-served markets in sub-Saharan Africa & India. FR- The Insaan Group est une entité d'investissement à impact qui alloue des capitaux philanthropiques pour lutter contre la pauvreté. Financée par des dons provenants de philanthropes et fondations, et bénéficiant d’une contribution d’experts pro bono de haut niveau, Insaan vise, en alignement avec les ODD des Nations Unies, à améliorer les conditions de vie des plus démunis en créant des emplois, soutenant le développement de produits et services pertinents à ces marchés mal desservis, en particulier, en Afrique subsaharienne et en Inde.

  • Add the "PAYITFWD" code in the "Note" section of the subscription form so we can easily identify you 👀 / Entrer le code PAYITFWD" dans la section "Note" du formulaire de souscription pour que nous puissions vous identifier facilement 👀

  • A minimum equivalent of EUR 25 donation is appreciated / montant de donation minimum recommandé est de 25 € ou son équivalent

  • Let us know when you take action, we have a surprise for everyone that does!🎇/ Faites vous connaître, nous avons prévu une surprise pour ceux qui nous soutiennent!🎇


EN - The Sorority Foundation is a French charity deploying the 1st social network and community caring App for women's safety & fulfillment globally, by activating the power of Sorority & Tech. It is focused in particular on fighting gender-based violence, domestic violence, intra-family violence, and all forms of harassment. Over 40,700 verified users have been onboarded on the App to date.

FR- The Sorority Foundation est une association loi 1901 reconnue d'intérêt général dont l'objet est la lutte contre les violences conjugales, intra-familiales et toutes formes de harcèlement. En France et dans le monde. THE SORORITY est une communauté bienveillante de protection, d’entraide et partage comptant +40 700 femmes et personnes issues des minorités de genre prê.te.s à agir au quotidien pour assurer leur sécurité et épanouissement. Pour faire face ensemble notamment aux violences conjugales, intra-familiales et à tout forme de harcèlement. L'App est gratuite (Android, iOs, Huawei) en France, Belgique,Suisse, Luxembourg, Algérie, Maroc, Tunisie.

  • Add the "PAYITFWD" code after your name/or company name (XXXXXXX -PAYITFWD) in the subscription form, so we can easily identify you 👀/Entrer le code "PAYITFWD" après votre nom/nom de votre entire (XXXXXXX -PAYITFWD) du formulaire de souscription pour que nous puissions vous identifier facilement 👀

  • A minimum equivalent of EUR 25 donation is appreciated / montant de donation minimum recommandé est de 25 € ou son équivalent

  • Let us know when you take action, we have a surprise for everyone that does🎇 /Faites vous connaître, nous avons prévu une surprise pour ceux qui nous soutiennent!🎇

Purpose Is Service,

Thank you

Philanthropie et Bonheur/Philanthropy and Happiness

Connaissez-vous la vitamine G ? le Dr. Charles Sellen vous en parle ici ...

Arrimer philanthropie et science du bonheur pour réenchanter la générosité

Resource in English : Philanthropy as a self-taxation mechanism with happy outcomes: Crafting a new public discourse, Chapter 17, The Routledge Handbook of Taxation and Philanthropy, Dec 2021

Gender-Lens Investment

Ep 46 of The Impact Investing Podcast is live! In this episode, David O'Leary speaks with Jessica Menon of Equilo to discuss her work bringing together data, analytics, and tools to make better gender-lens investment decisions.

The Art Corner

The Digital Artist and friend, Stéphanie Raphaël delighted us on International Women's Day with an exhibition on the theme of "Liberty, Equality, Sorority" in Marbella, Spain on March 8 2022, and was featured in Esprit Sud Magazine here and also here. She also reminds us, always in style, that unfortunately, the summer is over, see you next year ...🌞

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