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Updated: Dec 27, 2018

Fear of failure, of being misunderstood and rejected, of public speaking, of being embarrassed, shamed or criticized in public, of the unknown and the unfamiliar, of change, the very trendy FOMO or Fear of Missing Out, fear of showing up authentically and becoming vulnerable, fear of loss and sometimes even fear of success (?!) ... Those are only a few ways fear affects our ordinary lives and prevents us from realizing our full potential. Most performers, public speakers, artists, athletes, adventurers, entrepreneurs become confortable and tame their fear patterns. I have always been curious about how they manage to overcome and turn fear into fuel for creativity, action, energy, motivation and success. Turns out, the beliefs we (un)consciously hold about ourselves, our abilities and our experiences play an essential role in shaping our thoughts and the realm of possibilities available to us. Negative thoughts invariably trigger defensive and coping mechanisms which our brain is equipped with to ensure we stay safe. I share hereafter some insights into the field of our common fears and how we may work with them to influence our destiny by learning, inquiring, testing and practicing to step into our full expression.

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