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Updated: Dec 27, 2018

Among aptitudes that distinguish Entrepreneurial Minds from other folks is Resilience.

I have always been fascinated by this somewhat mysterious capacity and where it might come from.

Turns out it cannot be traced down to one single attribute but more so, to a state of awareness that arises from befriending a collection of attitudes, mindsets, behaviors - with practice. Brain science and psychology shed additional light on the biology and the theories underpinning the mechanisms behind resilience.

From our research it would appear that :

1. Resilience should not be mistaken with Resistance, a close relative for sure but which entails more of a temporary, energy-depleting defensive process

2. Resilience in its fullest expression manifests as a life-long sustainable and generative commitment to oneself, usually anchored on a strong sense of "higher" purpose which elevates the human experience; allowing the resilient subject to "transcend and include" events as they arise, exercise confidence and compassion on his/her way towards a desired future state.

Resilience is a way of life and as such requires creativity and ... I am afraid, a life-long patient practice. I share hereafter a few articles to illustrate the topic and its relationship with entrepreneurial minds as well as my comments and findings.

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