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Wealth Dynamics for Evolutionary Women

Connecting your Entrepreneurial path to your Evolutionary journey

Bea Benkova and Jan Polak at the Global Institute for Evolutionary Women (GIFEW*) just released the “Wealth Dynamics for Evolutionary Women”, a unique personality profiling tool created in collaboration with GeniusU, the leading education platform for entrepreneurs, as they celebrate GIFEW’s 10-year anniversary.

As a partner of GeniusU, we at Business4People have had the opportunity to meet the GIFEW team and dive deeper into their work as it developed. We were particularly interested in and curious about their approach, given that we support a significant number of women entrepreneurs and female alternative fund managers.

After a firsthand experience, we found this unifying and impactful framework enhanced the overall entrepreneurial experience, and therefore decided to introduce it to the women in our community and share our findings.

Why would you be interested in discovering your Evolutionary Woman profile, might you ask?

  • To understand and apply your natural style and superpowers as a woman

  • To learn how to sustain healthy foundations in your life, overcome fears and resistance unique to your profile

  • To find out your most fitting evolutionary key to unlock your superpower and make the most meaningful impact

  • To Get inspired by the right female role models

The personalized report provided after taking the self-assessment lays out how your Entrepreneur profile translates to your evolutionary journey, as a woman, allowing you to discover your essential superpowers, overcome your ego fears, transform your limitations, step into your soul expression, and evolutionary flow. Discover your Profile.

If you don’t feel ready to go all-in yet, you can simply start by taking a free 1-minute “Genius” assessment to discover your superpower.

If you are an entrepreneur but do not feel called to experience the distinctive Evolutionary Woman pathway, you can still experience the power of the Wealth Dynamics framework to activate your entrepreneurial flow. Find out more about how it works in this short introductory video with Roger Hamilton founder of Genius Group and creator of the Wealth Dynamics profiling tool.

“I believe it is every woman’s birthright to be powerful and feminine, vital and wealthy, and live her life in her natural flow whilst having love, respect and synergy with men.”

“In their healthy form, business and entrepreneurship are a potent way of human expression, evolution, contribution and effective form of collectively doing good.”

*GIFEW is a transformational education and mentoring organization founded by entrepreneur Bea Benkova. With a community of 5000+ entrepreneurs, leaders, activists, and members from 120+ countries. Its noble mission is to transform humanity through the aligned power of evolutionary women, which it tirelessly works to achieve by providing members with multidimensional education, engaging leading expert faculty mentors, and a stimulating, supportive environment for transformative learning, evolution, and co-creation.

Business4People is a partner of GeniusU


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