Tech - USA, Founder

Unconventional methods that got us thinking out of the box, widen our options, shift our minds. We accepted a strategic partner, eventually sold our business. A trade-exit opportunity emerged, and we were prepared to seize it successfully with your guidance. We would have hit a wall trying to continue on our initial roadmap and instead were able to move on, leverage our experience, weave fruitful collaborations, design and launch our next business venture on solid grounds with partners. ​

Venture Impact Fund - Emerging Markets, Founder

Being able to articulate, showcase and pitch the economic and impact benefits of our investment strategy more accurately allowed us to design a more effective narrative for our story and offer which resulted in attracting the support of the right-kind of investors and influential board members. Leveraging your experience with impact, financial marketing and profiling, we were able to reach our goal much more efficiently than most comparable teams in our competitive market.

Artist & Media Coach, Europe

Working with you was an eye-opener. The way you connect deeply with people and stand by and for them while they uncover what's next on their path and struggle to bring it forth is key to creating a secure launching pad from where they can dream big and step into action. I have now structured a real business with processes and systems around my art, built - up my level of self-confidence, my capabilities and finally can project myself with increased peace of mind into the future.

Financial Services - Europe, Founder

Our perspectives for growth radically changed through our collaboration with you around our business model, services and market positioning. We designed the premium services our clients had been waiting for. We leveraged your experience in managing complex - and later conflictual - relationships with our historical majority shareholder and negotiated a transition to on-board more aligned business partners so as to unlock our next steps of growth.

Education - Europe, Founder


Supply Chain - Australia, Founder

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