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We co-create with our clients evolving "entrepreneurial coaching" methods which singularity and effectiveness stem from the breath of expertise and the diversity of influences and experiences they are envisioned from. They result in integral and systemic practical approaches that introduce "flow" into complexity and change.

Areas of Intervention
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Designed for the entrepreneurial and inspired minds to explore, cultivate, build-up their entrepreneurial (including Intrapreneurial) and leadership spirits and skills for the purpose of establishing distinct and influential professional and entrepreneurial signature-brands that position them to strive in their work environment and markets (find out more about Power Conversations " our Flagship program).


At the request of numbers of entrepreneurs in our community, we created an additional program focused exclusively on Fund Raising/ Pitching & Marketing (360° Funding  Path). 

Anchored to your personal deep core-values whilst being action-oriented and based in-the-moment which make them highly transformative by nature. In particular, they are geared towards instilling agility, fostering experimentation and resilience in the face of turbulence and uncertainty which; we believe, is key to operate successfully in a complex and ever evolving world.


Performs best in innovative and creative environments; supporting organizations dealing with Deep Transformation Phases (start-up, growth, pivots ... career transitions ...); Solving Society's Pressing Challenges (such as in health / well being, education, technology, environment, diversity / inclusion); handling situations where interpersonal dynamics & emotional intelligence are essential.       

Our "Entrepreneurial Iteration Model To Awesome" core system is : 

Our practice combines over 20 years of experience in the areas of business (in the financial advisory services / investment industries in particular), entrepreneurship, sports, the arts as well as psychology and coaching.

Coach4ppol is the coaching practice of the consulting company Business4People.

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