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Feminine Greatness Hub Launch

Updated: Jun 8

Newsletter # 23: Toasting to the Brilliance and Greatness I see in you!

It's been a while since our last newsletter, and we're thrilled to share some exciting new initiatives designed to support our vibrant community of women entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders.

What we've been working on

The Feminine Greatness Hub has officially launched and now has its dedicated section on our website. This space is tailored specifically to women entrepreneurs, professionals, leaders, and investors, providing resources and support for every stage of their journey.

Launch of the Playbook Extravaganza!

We're thrilled to introduce the "Self-Concept Ultimate Algorithm for the Evolutionary Woman" Playbook Extravaganza—a transformative journey designed to help you unlock your potential and embrace self-discovery like never before.

With over 20 years of experience advising and coaching female leaders, I'm excited to share this unique and immersive experience with you.

What’s Inside?

  • The Playbook: A comprehensive guide blending poetic insights with practical tools to nurture and strengthen your self-concept.

  • Companion Audiobook: Dive into the content while on the go.

  • 2 Hours of Online Coaching: Personalized sessions to help you implement these strategies, unlock your potential, and activate your transformational pathway.

Curious to explore the Playbook Extravaganza?

Get a sneak peek with our exclusive preview. Discover actionable knowledge, empowering tools, and innovative techniques to support your evolution. As a special launch bonus, we've included some of our client's favorite practical exercise worksheets in the preview, so you can start engaging with our material from the get-go.

Why does Self-Concept matter?

A healthy self-concept is the cornerstone of achieving your dreams and embracing authentic expression. It empowers you to pursue goals, overcome challenges, and thrive amidst change. This Playbook is tailored for forward-thinking women, providing the tools and strategies to navigate uncertainties and reinvent yourself.

A Unique Experience—Practical & Profound

This isn't just another coaching program—it's an adventurous expedition into self-discovery. With beautifully designed worksheets, stunning visuals, and a poetic voice, the Playbook bridges the gap between theory and real-world application.

Navigate Funding Challenges Confidently

Empower yourself as a female entrepreneur to confidently navigate funding challenges. Shift the conversation from risk to growth by articulating your vision clearly. Assertively showcase both your venture and personal leadership. Turn funding discussions into opportunities to secure vital support for your venture's growth.

Ready to embark on this journey?

Explore the transformative potential of the Playbook Extravaganza and uncover the possibilities that await you.

Cracking the Bias Code: Funding Intelligence for Women Entrepreneurs 

In the world of entrepreneurship, gender bias remains a significant barrier for women seeking funding. Despite their innovative ideas and potential, women entrepreneurs often face systemic and structural obstacles that hinder their access to capital.

Our new guidebook delves into these challenges, comprehensively examining how gender biases affect funding opportunities, especially in the early stages of business creation and development.

Highlights of the Guide Include

  • In-depth exploration of investor biases and their impact on women entrepreneurs.

  • Practical strategies to overcome these biases and effectively advocate for your business.

  • Interactive exercises and real-world applications to build confidence and competence in the funding process.

What’s Inside?

  • The comprehensive Guidebook

  • Its companion Audiobook and Workbook

  • A one-hour one-on-one online Debrief (coaching) session

A preview of the Guidebook is available now.

Together, let's break down barriers and unlock funding for women-led ventures. Empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to navigate the funding landscape successfully.

We recommend pairing the Inclusive Funding Formula with the Extravaganza Playbook and the full complementary Library of Resources on our website to unlock the deep transformations that drive exceptional results.

What we're listening to or reading about

  • The "Define Your Values Masterclass" episode of the Hello Monday Podcast with author Elizabeth Gilbert and author & Professor Suzy Welch, where they share insights about transforming our approach to values, was a delightful listen. It harmonized beautifully with the Bonus Worksheets from The Playbook Extravaganza preview.

  • The VEST Podcast episode "Why are Men Often Reluctant to Mentoring and Advocating for Women at Work?" profoundly resonated with us. In it, gender-inclusive culture expert Brad Johnson discusses the skills and benefits men gain from advocating for women in the workplace (Allyship). This discussion aligns seamlessly with the principles outlined in the "Cracking the Bias Code" guidebook.

  • The Pink Chip initiative Sam Rowlands, Grace O’Brien, and Jana Hlistova discuss on this episode of The Purse podcast aligns perfectly with the principles of our “Playbook Extravaganza” and “Cracking the Bias Code” Guidebook. All emphasize self-advocacy, assertiveness, and forming supportive connections. Overcoming investor bias needs a psychological, societal, and cultural shift. Developing a strong self-concept is crucial for women to challenge gender norms. Educating investors on gender diversity through storytelling is powerful. Equal opportunity needs personal empowerment, cultural awareness, and strategic partnerships.

  • Leadership lessons from a symphony conductor, presented by Itay Talgam at TedxGateway, offer an acoustic exploration of leadership, providing a unique perspective on various leadership styles. Is leadership an art form?

  • 7 venture capital and startup organizations dedicated to diversity in tech have launched the Diversity Data Alliance, which aims to standardize data collection and sharing methods. Additionally, California plans to enact a law next year that will mandate firms operating within the state to disclose a demographic breakdown of the founders they invest in, to gain clearer insights into the disparities in funding distribution.

  • The Diversity Deficit: Inside Private Equity’s Inclusion Crisis” is an episode of the Outspoken Podcast featuring Jarred Collis and Eddie Hemsley, Private Equity recruiting specialists from Staton House. They conversed with Elizabeth Wallace, the experienced Chief People Officer and VP of People at Superbet, part of the Blackstone Portfolio. The discussion centered on the current state of Diversity and Inclusion within the Private Equity sector, exploring the unique challenges faced, and outlining actionable steps employers can take to drive significant change.

To your Greatness!


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