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Newsletter — December 2021 — issue #20

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Catapulting ourselves into 2022 ... !

Big Panda & Tiny Dragon by James Norbury

"Which is more important", asked Big Panda, "the journey or the destination?"

"The company". said Tiny Dragon.

News from our journey

Growth Pathways (to Alchemy) for Emerging Fund Managers Handbook

We finally released a 35 pages companion Handbook designed on the back of our 90-day fundraising sprint program beta-launched in September 2021.

You can now experience an overview of the content developed inside the program and benefit from some key learnings, best practices, and tips by getting your copy of the Handbook.

Access our Free Asset Managers Hub here for more content ...

What we are writing, reading & listening to

Entrepreneurs Corner

🆓Startup-Investor Matching Tool for Underestimated Founders

The Startup-Investor Matching Tool introduces underestimated founders to investors globally by Josh & Lolita Taub

EP. 186 A Fireside Chat with the founder and CEO of MicroAcquire - Andrew Gazdecki. Founded in Jan. 2020, the company says it has 100,000+ registered buyers, 2,000+ (tech) companies listed for sale, and facilitated 500+ deals with a combined value of US$200+ million.

MicroAcquire is an M&A marketplace for small profitable internet businesses

Swapping Debt-for-Equity (UK): Instead of writing off the debt, as has been proposed, the study examines alternative ownership options, such as employee share ownership, workers' cooperatives, and community ownership. The debt relief scheme could also include additional conditions to drive improvements in the businesses’ environmental, social, and governance standards. Interesting opportunities for innovative collaboration between Government, social investors, enterprise lending CDFI’s, foundations, and mainstream impact investors.

Nat (Exec. Director, Agility, $15 bn OCIO) & Justin (Co-Founder Managing Partner 137 Ventures, $2bn growth-stage VC) about how 137 Ventures provides customized liquidity solutions to founders, investors, early employees of private tech companies. Listen up...

Julien Rivals maps out the Sustainability & ESG corporate reporting standards aiming at clarifying the "alphabet soup" at stake (ISSB, GRI, SASB, IIRC, CSRD, TCFD, SBTI...)!. Read on about this collaborative effort...

Nuggets of Wisdom from the Nfx Team NfX shares the top 10 tools they’ve built for Founders — based on feedback from their Founders and readers.

Click on image to read on ...

Asset Managers & Funds Hub

Considerations On How To Build Your LP Base by Blue Future Partners

For emerging managers, one of the major aspects to consider when building your firm is your LP base. Investors in your fund will impact everything from investing to operations, and of course, will be the major protagonists of your fundraising activities. Click on the image to read on ...

If you teach venture capital, are an EFM, train new FMs, are an LP investing in EFMs, are an accelerator, early-stage fund, FOF or want to understand how 'a venture fund really works', The "Fund Manager" simulation launches Jan 5 2022 & will be available online a few days later.

Shelly Porges is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of The Billion Dollar Fund for Women, a global consortium of venture funds pledged to invest in female-founded firms and Beyond the Billion, mobilizing LP investors into TBDF funds. She is also a Board Member of the Financial Alliance for Women and on the Advisory Board for Mindshift Capital, Different Funds, and Global Invest Her.

The Purse podcast

🆓The GP-LP Matching Tool was created by Josh and Lolita Taub to introduce underestimated and underrepresented emerging fund managers to LPs globally

Do fund managers really fear performance coaching? Citywire Podcast

Chess players. Professional sportsmen. Opera singers. All of these disciplines require ongoing training and coaching, so why should the world of fund management be any different? … read on


In the first of a 4 part series, Blackbird Principal Tom Humphrey shares the foundational principles of go-to-market

"For Entrepreneurs fundraising [….]: You are not getting paid (invested into) by the word (you say) when you pitch - but rather and at first, by the emotion, you elicit in the listeners, with the sound you project [...] which moves them to take action […] and perceive you as confident and by association, confident in your offer and therefore […] worthy of their attention, interest and time to be willing to understand what you are saying and allow you to start building trust“ …

Creativity & Innovation

NFT Market Generated Over $23 Billion In Trading Volume In 2021

Click the image to read on ...

SEVA.LOVE, a Transformational Platform for Good, is Powering NFTs and the Metaverse on the Hedera Network

The platform aims to empower global action that benefits society by connecting artists, philanthropists, brands & change-makers alike to build community around causes that matter. Click image read on ...

Consultants Are Entering the Metaverse – Literally

SAND tokens are up on news of PwC Hong Kong acquiring a plot of LAND in The Sandbox. Click the image, read on ...

French boutique, Quantology Capital Management, launches Metaverse-focused Ucits fund.

Click the image to read on ...

Interview on BFM TV in French


Alisa Cohn Ep (#539) of The Tim Ferris Show. Alisa is one of the most prominent startup coaches in the world. She is the author of From Start-Up to Grown-Up, a guidebook for entrepreneurs on the leadership journey from founder to CEO, and host of the From Start-Up to Grown-Up Podcast.

On The Impact Investment Continuum

Impact Investment Resources

How To Build Billion-Dollar Ventures For Good

Who are the Good Unicorns creating undeniable positive impact for our people and planet? What does it take to build a Good Unicorn instead of an ordinary one?

A bi-weekly newsletter by Diana Tsai, a website with more content. Click the image to go to the website ...

Investment as a form of activism: What do your money choices say about your values? D. O'Leary is the founder & principal of Kind Wealth, a financial planning firm helping people take control of their money, so they can live life on their own terms. Click the image to find out more about our conversation...

Catalytic Philanthropy, a conversation between Farahnaz Karim and David O'Leary. Farahnaz is the Founder & CEO of Insaan Group; a non-profit raising donations which the organization uses to invest in innovative businesses and solutions for the poor, a term they call "catalytic philanthropy". Click the image and listen in ...

The Open Data Project seeks to better understand how nonprofits, NGOs, charities worldwide use technology for digital marketing & fundraising. The Global NGO Technology Survey's findings are based on 1,576 digital marketers & fundraisers of the global nonprofit sector.

1st Caring App of Protection, Mutual Aid, and Sharing between Women. Its purpose

is to ensure the Safety & Fulfillment of Women in France & Worldwide, through the Activation of the powerful link that unites them: their Sorority (sisterhood).

Together. Everywhere. All the time. #jointhesorority

Personal Art and Inspiration Corner

"A thought-provoking journey of companionship, courage, tenderness, and tea.

Big Panda and Tiny Dragon embark on a journey through the seasons of the year together. They get lost, as many of us do. But while lost, they discover many beautiful sights they'd never have found had they gone the right way. Told through a series of beautiful drawings and quiet, sometimes silly, conversations, the panda and the dragon explore the thoughts and emotions, hardships, and happiness that connect us all. In nature, they learn how to live in the moment, how to be at peace with uncertainty, and how to find the strength to overcome life's obstacles together." Click the image to find out more about the book.

In December 2021 the 1st edition of the MISSNOTES FORUM "Women & Leadership" took place and gathered an international group of trailblazing women from government, corporate, entrepreneurship, research, public institutions, the arts ... etc. It was a special moment of sisterhood, sharing and learning about each other to form stronger, empowering alliances.

Find out more about Touch Screen Artist, Stephanie Raphael's work #stephanieraphael

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